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Dominic Old

Welcome to my new blog on photography and travel!

I'm thrilled to share my work and experiences with you, hoping to captivate, inform, and inspire you through my blog.

Although I'm uncertain of where this journey will lead, I eagerly anticipate the discoveries along the way. I'll be regularly sharing fresh photos and stories, inviting you to join me on these adventures!

As a photographer, I possess a keen eye for capturing the extraordinary beauty within everyday moments. My passion for portraiture, dogs, festivals, travel, and street photography has driven me to create stunning images that celebrate the human spirit and the world around us.

Environmental portraiture with natural lighting is my forte. Often utilizing black and white, I aim to produce timeless and evocative images of my subjects. Noteworthy achievements include photographing prominent figures like Tony Benn MP and curating a commissioned portrait exhibition featuring individuals who worked at the Royal Festival Hall in South Bank, London.

I have an MA in Communication Design (Photography) at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design completed many years ago.

After devoting many years to education and recently establishing a veterans' charity as a project officer, I have now fully immersed myself in my own photography on a personal level.

Currently, I'm in the process of transforming my previous website into a platform for photojournalism, leveraging the skills and freedom I now possess.

On this blog site, I'll be regularly sharing new photos and written pieces, chronicling my personal adventures, showcasing portraits and street photography, and exploring ideas that resonate with me. I'm passionate about employing my photography to weave visual narratives, highlighting intriguing subjects, and exchanging ideas.

To add further interest to the site, I'll be incorporating some older photographs that have yet to be unveiled.

By focusing on my website, I aim to provide a space free from the clutter of ads and videos that can detract from photographers' work.

I'm excited to have this platform where I can wholeheartedly share my work and stories with you, without any distractions. Some of my images are available for purchase as ultraHD Aluminium Dibond or similar wall prints. For more details on ordering, please feel free to send me a message.

Your support is greatly appreciated. To stay up to date with my latest updates, please subscribe to my website below.

Thank you for visiting!

Tony Benn | National Portrait Gallery | Dominic Old
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